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Eric Kottmann

Genuine film camera photography is my passion. I believe that film media, based on continuous tone instead of digital dots, provides a superior and timeless photographic and viewing experience.

I enjoyed a first photography course in my early teens and moved on to more advanced courses in both high school and college. Being an avid outdoorsman, my many years of living in Montana's northern Rockies and exploring the west has allowed me to appreciate and photograph spectacular outdoor scenery and wild animals.


​I also enjoyed photography over the years while working seasonally as a commercial fisherman in Alaska as well as travelling to Asia's Nepal, Thailand, Hong Kong, South America's Peru and the western portion of the United States and Canada.

My vision as a photographer is to show these wild animals and spectacular places in as true a form as possible, as they appeared at the moment in time.


​I hope you like what you see and that my images inspire a love for the natural world and desire to get out and enjoy it!

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